Actually, we can say that its literally from the earth that the bases to the developing of our project starts.
Lavanda del Lago is a young brand with new ideas, based on antique principles and natural remedies coming from a land where we have our roots.
It took several years to start our first cultivation, in the south of Europe alone, there exists more than 70 different types of lavender, we selected 10 among them, for our project. The first 8 species chosen for their excellent essential oil, extremely usefull for its therapeutic properties, also used in the kitchen to create new innovative dishes. In 2013, we added 2 other lavender types to the first 8, chosen for their excellent perfume and particular colour, white and pink.
The process of selection and cultivation began in Cacinato (BS), in the main nursery, a location in the Morenine hills that surround the Garda lakeside. As in every organic cultivation, the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers are excluded, guaranteeing a natural and healthy growth. It does however need the area between the rows to be cleared form weeds, and kept under control the plants progress. Lavender usually blooms from the end of May, depending on the climatic conditions, the harvest, takes place in mid July, allowing the flowers to desiccate naturally in the sun, Both the weeding and the harvest are completely done by hand, without the usage of machinery or chemical substances.

The characteristics that distinguish them are:

- Intense and very perfumed flowering
- Lavender needs direct sun when planted in the ground or half a day of direct sun if placed in a vase.
- Water sparingly when necessary, making sure the water drains well, avoid stagnation
- Not just the flowers perfume but the leaves and branches too.

Due to the limited availability of the mother plants, the production of the plants is also limited each year, unlike the other species of lavender found on the market.

The principle nursery, from where the whole cultivation selection of the cuttings start is in Calcinato (BS), at the foot of the Moreniche Hills, that frame Lake Garda. The yield from the lavender is consigned to Italian artisans who esclusivley carry out the production of our supply chain, that are esclusivley sold in our shops.