Lavanda del Lago
Who we are
“Lavanda del lago starts in 2009, this relatively young company was built on the bases of healthy and real values from older times.
Values that our parents, Salvatore and Rosa, taught us from the first moments of our lives, to the present, developing our business with the good relationships established with our associates, suppliers and clients.”

Domenico and Marco Lopresti

Lavanda del lago was born in the Brescian territories, near lake Garda.
The nurseries start from the mother plants in the town of Calcinato, until they touch diverse regions in Italy. The lavender cuttings, are the common matrix between all the nurseries, with selected varieties that begin in Calcinato and then are cultivated in the different sites.
In 1995 the lopresti brothers, with their agricultural and floricultural background, started their careers landscaping highly visited parks and gardens, accumulating much experience in the nursery sector. From the first years of the new millennium, they entered the lavender world, which had been a childhood dream. From here they founded the brand name “LAVANDA DEL LAGO” , the literal translation being “LAVENDER OF THE LAKE”, choosing lake Garda as its home base, situated in the famous Lombardi region of northern Italy, considered one of the most beautiful lakes in the country.
The microclimate found in this area is perfect for growing lavender, where it flourishes. This simple plant, known to man kind since ancient times, for its many healing properties, with its inebriating fragrance, that stirs long forgotten childhood memories to many of us, due to its familiar perfume, experienced in our grandparents’ houses, wardrobes and drawers, to protect the precious linen and clothes from damaging insects, such as moths.
This noble plant, with its vibrant colours, that range from pink to blue to deep lilac, artistically paints the lake Gardas’ countryside presenting to its natives and visitors breath-taking sceneries during the flowering months of mat to September. And it is here, in our own lavender fields where the fundamental ingredient, the base of all LAVANDA DEL LAGO products is born. The products, ranging from skin and face care products, to soaps (both solid and liquid hand made in our laboratories), to home perfumers (diffusors or spray) to gift ideas (sachets of lavender and embroidered fabrics) to hand made candles (in different forms) to food delicacies and liquors flavoured with lavender.
Due to the lopresti brothers’ passion for nature and natural medicinal plants, and their agricultural and floricultural background, the LAVANDA DEL LAGO project was born in 2009, developing a supply chain that goes from the lavender fields to the finished product.
The products are available from:-
-the shelves in our mono brand shops in many Italian cities.
- in overseas countries such as Spain, Canary Islands, Saudi Arabia, and in the near future in Canada and USA.
- in corners found in different types of shops such as dry cleaner, hairdressers, beauty centres, pharmacies etc.
Fantastic spaces dedicated to promoting these products, entirely hand made by local artisans with the quality and precision that Italy is well known for, made in Italy, with 100% organic components.